International Payment Gateway Provider For Providing Versatile Solutions To Merchant

The e-commerce merchants are best and worst merchants that are providing domestic and commercial product or services to a wide range of customers available. A wide range of categories of products and services come under the e-commerce industry. Hence, a tremendous customer database is used when it comes to the E-commerce business. The industry has a huge customer database as compared to any other industry. With so much of customers involved with the industry. A bulk of payment transactions are made for this industry and it gets difficult to manage all these payment transactions. It is highly advised to get suggestion from the professionals who have good selling experience of payment processors they can help you get the best available payment processor for your business. We at WebPays get along with the merchants to provide you with the International Payment Gateway Provider for merchants that are looking to expand their business they can easily take their product or services to international customers.

International Gateways provides the best way to merchant to reach out to the international customer. It also provides the merchant with the opportunity to have different currencies that may fall into the business if the customer is significantly using the international business account. Apart from that, it will also add significant value to your sales. With multiple currencies for your business, you will have a high volume of sales for your business. It is easy to grab the merchant account solutions just take help from the experts in getting the right payment solutions for the business. 

Get the high-risk solutions for e-commerce industries

The e-commerce businesses have become gigantic these days and they are dealing in providing services to millions of customers. Since they are meeting the huge demands of the online users hence they are the ones that are having the highest pressure in service each of their customer. This pressure can be easily managed by a customized system that can help you take the pressure and provide you with the desired output. Most of the high-risk businesses are efficiently managing it by accompanying a high-risk merchant account that can manage the bulk of payment transaction for your business. They will provide you with specialized features such as extensive integration facility. A better integration what is just required to manage the payment transactions smoothly. There are certainly other aspects of the business that needs to be taken care of the continuous flow of payments for the business. Some of the aspects can easily be managed with the help of PSP that will allow you with easy and flexible payment transactions. It is considered to be a versatile tool for the e-commerce industry. A payment gateway can provide you with the extensive care of your business payments. Here are some of the benefits listed here:-     

Extensive Integration: Integration part is vital in matching the needs of the business. A better-integrated gateway can be considered to be highly flexible for meeting the needs of the businesses. An easily flexible integration provides you with an easy and flexible payment transaction for the businesses. It is considered to be the requirement of both the customer and the merchant. Since at both the ends better integration always works. The online application becomes highly responsive and efficient when a gateway gets integrated with the website application. A merchant always considers the website to be well-nourished and fully-functional. They do not pay much attention to grabbing an efficient process that can provide efficient processing for the processor.

A Versatile Tool For e-Commerce: E-commerce industry is one of the highly expanded and one of the fastest-growing industries that is currently taking up a high volume of sales. A payment processor is best for allowing the merchants to accept payments for the e-commerce business. The E-commerce market is magnificent since it involves a range of product and services that are particularly used in the common household. The industry is getting bigger day by day and is expected to have exponential growth in the near future. The merchant account can provide e-commerce merchants with the versatile features that can help the business to sustain properly. 

WebPays intend to provide the best payment gateway solution to merchants they can easily grab the payment transaction that is suitable for your business. We initiate the process by allowing our executive to take care of your requirements; they will come up with the comprehensive process to get to better know the nature of your business and other related things that are essential in assisting you with the merchant account facility. We have worked with some of the biggest competitors in the market and get to know the wide experience of assisting with the merchants. We render International Payment Gateway Provider services to merchants so that they can have efficient payment solution services.    

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High-Risk Merchant Payment Gateway Solutions For Industries Who Want To Secure More Leads

Assists goodwill in your business

WebPays is regarded as the best High-Risk Payment Gateway   offering unlimited benefits to merchants. Since you are running a business, you must be searching for the technical tools to enhance your business. So, if you are planning to develop your business on a huge scale, you must get a High-Risk Payment Gateway. 

The gateway solution in your country leads your business to the next level of success. It helps to explore your innovativeness’ to cater to the new highly advanced technology. The gateway solution develops the growth scenario of your business. It helps to turn the business graph since you require capturing a huge target market.

WebPays facilitates solution all over the world

This solution builds up the profit ratio of your business. With the dynamic scenario, the business owners plan out the modern techniques to move ahead in this industry. WebPays provides a High-Risk Payment Gateway to merchants across the globe. We help you out to guide you to the best of our possibilities.

 We provide knowledge & help to all our merchants to choose the right suitable solution for their business. We help the merchants in each & every aspect. We are available for our merchants for 24*7 hours of duration. We acknowledge your high-risk business & analyze the solution for your business. Being the best High-Risk Payment Gateway, we aim to assist the best solutions to merchants domestically and internationally.

Boost up your business using a High-Risk Payment Gateway 

If we talk about the business world, there are merchants who are glad to put a huge amount of investment in their business. They build their mind-set to run extremely well in this industry. Henceforth, if you want to speed up with growth & establishment in this industry, then you must land upon WebPays. We aim to offer multiple currency solutions to the merchants internationally. While proceeding with your footsteps of success in this industry, you need to acknowledge the best solution that can run your business extremely well.

High-Risk Merchant Payment Gateway Helps to run your business smoothly    

The High-Risk Gateway adds on the flexible methods of making transactions easily. This can be done while sitting at any corner of the world. Along with enhancing your business, the gateway solution offers polish & gives a shine to your business. This method of gateway solution helps to run your business smoothly. It offers you multiple options for making payments. So, choose the right solution provider since the High-Risk Merchant Payment Gateway plays the whole game.

High Risk Payment Processing Gateway Benefits 

High risk merchants find the Level 1 PCI/DSS gateway guarantees agreeable processing. Military evaluation encryption ensures your business and shields clients’ sensitive card information. 

Several approval tests are run on each request. Results are returned in a flash. Adjustable falling standards and channels let you set up boundaries for tolerating and dismissing transaction

The high risk merchant account gateway has broad implicit information bases for additional degrees of security. Positive/negative customer information bases from merchants overall assist you with distinguishing if purchasers have been recognized fraudsters on different destinations. 

Empowering hostile to extortion tools in the gateway encourages you to rapidly acknowledge great requests, while wiping out awful exchanges before they happen. Faulty requests are saved for manual audit. 

Repeating charging is an element conventional n the high risk payment gateway. Alter a boundless number of repeating payment intends to meet the necessities of your business. Repeating payment information is changed into scrambled tokens which are put away in the high risk gateway’s protected vault. 

Other high risk gateway highlights include: hazard scoring models; request speed checking; card confirmation, address confirmation; geolocation; gadget fingerprinting with parcel signature examination; acknowledge/block procedures; solidified information surveys and review trails; framework interruptions and reproduce function announcing, shopper history of starting chargebacks; forestall personality transforming; following purchasers’ utilization of payment strategies, and substantially more.

One Stop Solution for High Risk Processing 

WebPays is a full specialist co-op, offering an assortment of payment processing solutions for high risk merchants. Making it simple and convenient for you to get more deals without additional fraud. 

  • Acknowledge all significant card brands around the world 
  • Increment orders from US customers by adding echecks to your checkout page 
  • Add different elective payment methods well known with worldwide customers 
  • Once and repeating payments. Helpful for your clients. Beneficial for you. 
  • Grow market reach with multi-cash handling 
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS payment gateway protects your business against extortion and information breaks

Prefer WebPays to target a huge market globally 

If you are a merchant who has decided to expand his business all around the globe, then you must get a Gateway through WebPays. We cater to your business requirement according to the risk determinants of your industry. We help you out in the best manner from our end. We help to develop your business & enlarge your business. We help to build up your empire to rule the high-risk industry. 

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ACH Payment Processing For Ecommerce Businesses

ACH Payments are the electronic payments that help in securing the payment transactions from the acquiring bank to the merchant account. It allows transferring funds from one financial institution to other financial institution with the help of a centralized system. This advanced technology of transferring funds can help both the merchant and the customer. ACH networks require less costing, automated and it is easy to keep track of all the payments through it. Webpays gets you the best ACH Payment Processing services that will drive your business to success by empowering you with smooth and flexible payment transactions.

Though you may not be so much familiar with the ACH payments. But millions of transaction are being made daily with the usage of ACH transfer. When employers pay wages to the employee or when consumers make a payment to pay their bills, the ACH network is often responsible for all such payments. There are over 23 billion ACH payment transactions per year. The payment system is getting popular in USA and Middle East countries.

Why merchants grab ACH payment option?

With ACH networks you will have numerous features to your business.

  • Easily Manageable

When customer make any payment through check, the merchant is required to wait for a certain time to arrive the mail, once the mail is received then they proceed further to deposit the check with a bank. Sometimes it gets difficult to keep track of all the payments and it’s a cumbersome job to track all the transaction details. Payments that are made electronically quickly transfers from one financial institution to other financial institution. Additionally with ACH network, you are not required to forward checks to the bank and wait for the few days to get the money.

  • Not so expensive

For merchants that accept credit card payments, they often have high processing fees for transferring the money. While the merchants who are using ACH networks often cost less to process the transaction. Moreover, you will have an additional benefit for collecting recurring payments. Automating those payments will only provide you with a high volume of sales. Unfortunately, ACH doesn’t provide you with real-time responses, unlike credit card terminals that provide real-time confirmations.

  • Remote Payments

Merchants with ACH networks can accept payments remotely; though credit card processing can also do the same thing. In case your customer doesn’t have credit or debit card for making payment they can prefer ACH payment transaction to transfer the funds.

  • Flexible Payments

The customer is not required to fill any details in check, re-order them when they run out. And there is no need to check mails in time. ACH allows hassle-free payment transaction to the customer.

  • Automatic Payments

Merchant need not to keep an eye on each and every bill with automatic ACH payments you are only required to take action when payments are due. Automatic generation of paying bills is an enhanced feature that provokes customer to use ACH Payment Processing.

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High-Risk Merchant Payment Gateway For Reputed Businesses

A high-risk merchant account is a kind of business account that is provided to a merchant who is associated with a certain level of risk in running their business. A merchant can be labeled as high-risk for various reasons-

·   A merchant might be associated with a bad transaction history.

·   The business he/she is associated with concern’s reputation, health risks, financial, and among others.

·   The merchant’s business may involve a high volume of transactions.

·   The merchant is associated with the business that has a high chargeback such as recurring billing, or technical support.

·  Acquiring banks may not provide you with payment gateway solutions, since your business may be associated with the ill-things that is unacceptable to the banks. However, we at WebPays consider that equal opportunities should be given to merchants who are legitimate and should be allowed to have the opportunity to process credit card transactions.

·  Often we get too many inquiries from the merchants who are unaware of the fact that their business lies under a high or low-risk category. Once their application is rejected they get to know about the nature of their business.

Webpays gets you the best High-Risk Merchant Account that will help you prevent high chargeback falling for your business and allow your business to reach at towering heights.

High-Risk Payment Processing Gateway Benefits

A lot of benefits are there for the merchants who are taking high-risk merchant account for their business. The multiple benefits involve multiple currency options, different modes of payment, reliable payment transactions, fraud protection system, and other benefits. Here are some of the benefits listed here.   

·  High-risk merchants get the highest level PCI/DSS support that ensures compliant processing.  A high-standard security help protects business confidential data and safeguards customer sensitive information.

·  Each payment transaction gets hundreds of the test done for validation purposes. These validation tests require no time. There are customized rules and parameters set that allow you to accept or reject transactions.

·  The payment processor has an extensive database for providing high-level of security to the merchant holding the merchant account. A database can help you discover the fraud if a customer database has a positive/negative value stored then you can easily detect whether a customer is a fraud or not.  

·  Allowing the anti-fraud mechanism in the gateway will help you accept good orders. It also eradicates the transaction that you don’t want for your business.

·  A significant feature that you are getting with a PSP is a recurring billing feature. You can easily customize an unlimited no. of recurring payment plans in order to meet the requirement of your business.

·  There are some other high-risk features such as card verification, address verification; Geo-location, accept/block strategies; consolidated data reviews and audit trails and other important aspects that you get with an efficient processor.

How to apply for a High-Risk Merchant Account

Applying for a high-risk business account is always free. If you have already decided to take a merchant account, then you need to submit an application. An expert will be assigned to you to walk you through the process. The only assigned task is to get a merchant account as soon as possible for your business. Though the process for getting a PSP is simple.  You submit an application along with supporting documents.

You need to get supporting documents ready that includes:-

Director’s Profile KYC, Driving Licence/Voter ID/ Passport, 3 months recent bank statements, 3 months of recent processing statement, A void check, the company needs to have a fully functional and a valid website, Domain Ownership Copy, Application Form.

Account approvals are easy and can be very as quick as 1 or 2 days. Although the high-risk businesses account can take 3 to 7 business working days due to the time needed to properly underwrite a file.  A complete application package is important for quick approvals.

You are required to take your time in filling out the application form & provide all the necessary documents.  The more accurate and legitimate the information you provide in the application form, the quicker your High-Risk Payment Gateway account approval will be.

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