High-Risk Payment Gateway Solutions

What is a High-Risk merchant account?

A business is considered high-risk because of a variety of factors such as it operates within a high-risk industry and it has a risk of financial failure. Other reasons that make business fall under a high-risk category:

  • Business Location
  • Business Size
  • Credit History
  • Credit Card Processing History
  • High Chargeback Ratios
  • Type of Industry
  • Whether a Business Exclusively Operates Online

In such a case, a high-risk merchant account is suitable for businesses, and let them sell items belonging to areas, such as adult entertainment, online gambling sites, ticket sales, and even prescription drugs available online. While the products sold and services provided are completely legal, these items come with a higher risk of theft and can hamper the sales and thus affects the revenue.

Whenever a business is labelled as a high risk, it doesn’t affect their online payments, however, such businesses are subjected to higher processing rates. Not only this, but banks can also request a reserve on a business’ credit card processing. At times, high-risks merchants can get banks to reclassify a business. However, merchants who are categorized high-risk businesses have to face certain challenges as no banks are eager to provide payment processing for industries deemed high risk. If you are the one facing such challenges and are looking out for ways that would help you out with your international payment solutions- WebPays is the answer for all your queries.

Our team at WebPays strives to give your business customized payment solutions that will not only be useful for you but will also allow your customers to make a payment without worrying about frauds or other payment risks. We also offer other financial and payment solutions that allow high-risk merchant accounts to grow and prosper such as:

  • ACH Processing
  • Business Funding
  • Chargeback Dispute Resolution and Prevention Programs
  • Instant Check Processing Solutions
  • High-Volume Payment Solutions
  • Merchant Cash Advances
  • Mail Order/ Telephone Order (MOTO) Processing
  • Online Payment Gateways
  • Point-Of-Sale (POS) Solutions

WebPays is the solution to all your queries. Visit our web portal and fill one application form with all the asked details and documents. Once our team verifies your application, they will get in touch with you to understand your business needs and will help you to understand the further process.

With years of experience, we boast of our world-class services that allow high-risk merchants to get an effective High-Risk Payment Gateway Solutions.

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High-Risk Payment Gateway

If you are a merchant who deals in an online business with a higher risk of chargebacks and wants to process online transactions, you will need a high-risk merchant account.  Some of the Industries that are considered as High-Risk:

  • Tobacco Products
  • The industry of Adult Toys
  • Nutraceuticals and supplements such as Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Online Gambling
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Herbal Products
  • Online Dating

Before we go any deep, let us understand what exactly is a High-risk merchant account & why merchants need one!!!

A High-Risk Merchant Account is a payment processing account for merchants who falls in the category of high-risk services or products category by acquiring banks and the credit card brands.

Why merchants are labeled as “High-Risk”

  • The merchant’s industry has some concerns such as health-risks, reputation, financial risks or the merchants is in an industry that traditionally has high chargeback or fraud rates.
  • Flawed or imperfect credit history of the merchant.
  • The merchant, usually domestic, processes a high volume of transactions.

Not all acquiring banks provide high-risk merchant account solutions to the merchants and fear that the risk may outweigh the reward. However, at @@@ we believe the opposite and offer the best payment solutions to the merchants.

How can a merchant increase their Chance for Approval?

There are several factors that will increase your chances of getting your high-risk merchant account approved:

1. Prepare all the necessary documents and keep yourself ready with the information that your processor may need for your account. Have a scanned and Original copy of your documents. Do not worry. Once you apply at our online portal, one of our expert team will get in touch with you and will assist you with all the required documents.

2. Have sufficient Bank Savings

3. Have a functional E-Commerce Website

We offer you the most trusted High-Risk Merchant Account. Our specially designed team aims to deliver the best online payment solutions and manages chargeback and risks. At WebPay, our team of professionals offers world-class merchant account services for high-risk businesses.

Once you fill the application form, our team will get in touch with you and will provide customized merchant services that will definitely ley you drive maximum payment approval efficiency.

Benefits of having our High-Risk Merchant Account Services:

At offer n number of benefits to the merchant that helps them to carry out their transactions without any worries. Few of the benefits are:

  • The merchants will get more Acquiring Banking Solutions
  • We offer the highest level of security to enable safe payment processing by ensuring 3D Secure Processing
  • We offer fraud Protection Tools and prevents the risks of chargebacks
  • We offer an offshore and International Merchant Accounts
  • Multi-Currency Processing
  • 24*7 Live Customer Support

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Offshore Payment Gateway

If you are an industrialist, you can look for a secure gateway for augmenting all your deals.  This is possible with the aid of a payment gateway provider like WebPays. As a merchant, you can look for solutions while applying online form to the payment processor and the professionals with contact you within a short time. Being a merchant, you can look for Offshore Payment Gateway to move your business ahead.

Generate enough deals through offshore solutions

If you are a merchant, you can look for offshore way-outs for enhancing your payouts. Thus you can look for way-outs for your business.

  • Credit cards safeguard your dealings

If you are a merchant you can look for a credit card for safeguarding your deals. Thus as a merchant, you can look for diverse cards such as Visa, MasterCard and many more offer you top security in your transactions. As a merchant, you draw several customers to your webpage from national and international regions without a delay. Thus you can process your payment on time and from anywhere. Credit cards offer you a constant service so there is no difficulty in receiving your payouts.

  • High-risk gateways offer secure measures

If you are a merchant with a high-risk business then you must look for security measures for the transactions process. You can look for way-outs such as Non-3DS and 3DS for maintaining the security of dealings. No scammers can try to rob away your facts related to your corporate. Thus you build up grand deals without a delay. On the other hand, you avert chargebacks also.

  • Varied currencies lead you to global frontiers

If you are a merchant with a high-risk industry you can look for global business through diverse currency options. With currencies such as the UK Pound, the United States Dollar and various more offer you an opportunity to excel in dealings. You can attract several customers to your webpage without a delay. International patrons find comfy to purchase your stuff due to diverse currency options. Thus you make a mark in the world marketplace with extraordinary payouts without a delay.

  • Global way-out for augmenting the deals

If you are a merchant running a high-risk industry then you must look for a global solution for increasing the deals. As a merchant, you can look for global payment processing without a delay. Being a merchant, you can connect to diverse clients from abroad or set up a new branch in another country. Thus as a merchant, you excel in the international dealings and also enhance your payouts without a hassle.

Therefore if you are seeking grand transactions then look for Offshore Payment Gateway without a hassle.

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