High-Risk Merchant Account Solutions

A high-risk merchant account is a type of business bank account specially designed for those merchants who deal in that kind of business who have a certain degree of risk associated with it. You must be wondering why business is considered High-risk?

Well, we are here to make you understand. Below are the few reasons because of which businesses are often labelled as high-risk…

  1. A merchant may have an imperfect or flawed credit history.
  2. The industry is associated with certain concerns such as reputation, health risks, financial, etc
  3. The merchant processes a high volume of transactions.
  4. The merchant deals in an industry that has high chargeback or fraud rates

With a tag of “high-risk industry” at times acquiring banks are reluctant in providing merchant account solutions as they fear the risk outweighs the reward. And that is why, we at WebPay offers the Best High-Risk Merchant Account Solutions, and allows the businesses to have an opportunity to process credit card transactions.

Benefits of WebPaysHigh Risk Merchant Account:

Among the many benefits of WebPays high-risk merchant account includes:

  • More Acquiring Banking Solutions
  • We Work Within the Guidelines of Visa, MasterCard and More
  • We offer PCI DSS compliant as well as 3D Secure transactions
  • Fraud Protection Tools
  • Multi-Currency Processing
  • 24*7 Live Customer Support

How To Apply?

  1. Visit our online portal
  2. Click on “online application”
  3. Submit all the necessary details and below documents:
  4. Payment processing history
  5. Business banking statements
  6. Valid identification
  7. Personal bank reference letter
  8. Utility bill
  9. Incorporation documents
  10. Articles of Association
  11. Website
  12. Once done, submit the application.
  13. One of our experts will contact you and will assist you regarding your business needs and requirements.
  14. They will make you understand the further procedure and will clear out all your queries

Get in touch now…

WebPays offers fast approvals and will guide you through each step of our merchant account application process. Speak one-on-one with our merchant account manager today at our toll-free number and get going. Our professional team of payment gateway assists you throughout the High-Risk Merchant Account process from applying for approval.

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