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International 2D Payment Gateway

Welcome to WebPays, a name renowned for its 2D payment gateway providers. Since the last few years, we have been providing the best merchant account services to the business and have witnessed their success and growth. At WebPays, we understand how important it is for the merchants to be able to accept the online payments and how majorly it impacts their business. To aid this problem, we bring you one solution to all your concerns. An International 2D Payment Gateway.

Before you decide to get access to our 2D Payment Gateway, let’s understand its basics…

What exactly is the 2D Payment Gateway?

2D Payment Gateway is an important aspect of online businesses. It allows merchants to give facilities to their customers with fast and user-friendly transactions. It has specific measures to keep a thorough check on the transaction process between merchants and banks directly without a security check.

What is 2D Gateway Account?

2D gateway account is the account in the 2D payment service provider, where a merchant needs to link their bank account with the service provider and the amount is directly credit/debit to account

What is the 2D merchant account?

A merchant account is a specific kind of bank account that enables online merchants to accept electronic payments. I talk in simpler terms, a merchant account is an agreement between a merchant bank, a retailer, and payment processor for the settlement of credit card and/or debit card transactions.

Why does a Merchant need 2d Payment Gateway

  • Fastest approval
  • Easy to get a statement.
  • Enables them to deal in multiple currencies
  • Secure, reliable fast Gateway
  • Real-time transactions
  • Account review on every 90 days
  • For a long time business
  • Complete assistance for merchants
  • Processor Flexibility

Be it a high risk or low risk business, we approve all types of business. And we are not done yet!!! Not only we provide safe and secure online 2d gateway services, but also our services are affordable. And hence, we boast of saying that we are a one-stop online payment solution provider for all merchants who are willing to process their transactions online. We allow the business to facilitate its customers with faster & convenient payment options and hence allow them to generate more revenues without any hassles.

To offer ease and convenience to our merchants, we have some additional Payment Services, such as

  1. Online Payment Gateway
  2. International Merchant Account
  3. Credit Card Processing
  4. eCheck Payment Processing
  5. ACH Payment Processing
  6. International Payment Gateway
  7. 2D Payment Gateway
  8. 3D Payment Gateway
  9. Also, Online Voucher Payments

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