Membership Merchant Account

Having Merchant accounts is an indispensable asset in the membership business model. Without it, businesses would need to rely on checks and money orders to survive. In recent years, the industry has seen exponential growth and hence it has become necessary to have a membership merchant account. A Membership Merchant Account allows selling on a membership model, payment solutions to generate revenues from customers.  Credit and debit card transactions as well as, high-risk ACH processing and value-added cards are included in Merchant services payments.

We all have seen how online payments are getting prominent in today’s online businesses and hence not having access to credit or debit card processing will stop you from your growth and development as a business. The world is slowly but surely moving towards an almost entirely cashless society. Many countries throughout the world have made steps to ensure this becomes a reality in the coming years. There has never been a better time than now to ensure your membership business keeps up with the changing times.

At WebPays, we offer high-risk solutions to merchants and make sure that they achieve desirable profits. With our high-risk processors, we offer security to your business and assure that users can trust your services as well as the website. We offer Membership Merchant Account and let you enhance your business transaction.

Benefits of Choosing WebPays:

  • Secure Online Application, offers a fast approval process.
  • Multiple Platforms, including eCommerce and Recurring Billing
  • Dedicated Account Managers To Assist You.
  • Diversified Bank Acquirers with an appetite for membership merchants.
  • Fastest Approvals In The Industry

Ready to start? Ours is a very simple process. Our dedicated team of professionals has served thousands of clients till now, and have expertise in this field. With our years of experience in providing merchant account services, we have a wide network of banks and credit card processing companies all over the globe.

Simply fill one inquiry form available on our web portal, with all the details related to your business. One of our experts will call you and will speak to you regarding your specific needs. They will assist you regarding the basic list of documents. After getting the approval and verification of the documents and your business details, your merchant account will be set up.

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